Reign Fantasy

Keeper of Reign, (Reign fantasy, Book 1)

Juvenile Fiction/ Epic Adventure Fantasy for readers 11 and up.

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 Do your troubles sometimes look so big, and you feel too small to overcome them? You are not alone.

Jules Blaze knows exactly what it means to be a small person in a too big world. His people, the Elfies, faced a curse which reduced them to a fragment of their former selves and glory. Join him in his perilous adventures. And misadventures.

Can Jules overcome the woes he and his family face? Will he? Will you?

Keeper of Reign is a High Fantasy, YA fiction for readers age 12 and up.

Jules witnessing the flash in the sky...what is it?

How the adventure began…


Someone or something is out to get Jules Blaze, main protagonist of Keeper of Reign. He looks for answers in all the wrong places. He even ends up in the land of their enemies, the Handoverans, to look for Keepers and the Ancient Books – books penned in blood, by the King, before the Majesty mysteriously disappeared centuries ago.

But true answers only come when Jules looks into the Ancient Books. Therein lies the answers he desperately needs, to first save his family, and also his Kingdom. But like anything in life, Jules’s search for help and truth, comes with a price. And is Jules willing to pay this price?


Jules bag of  now lost "jewels" |  ~gerezon on deviantART


Books written in blood. Most of them lost, their Keepers with them. A curse that befell the people of Reign and their surrounding neighbors who blame them for this. A Kingdom with no King. Life couldn’t get more harrowing for the Elfies, a blend of Elves and Fairies. Or for sixteen year old Jules Blaze. Or could it?

Something in the air is brewing and Gehzurolle, the evil lord, and his army of Scorpents will invade and destroy the Kingdom of Reign and the Elfies. Already Gehzurolle’s agents, secreted in Reign, are ready to do their master’s bidding.

But for Jules his nightmare has only just begun. Especially since he and his family have inadvertently invoked the interest of Gehzurolle. But why?

In his quest to find answers, and to locate the Ancient Books, Jules loses control over his situations, faces one dilemma after another to save his family, and his Kingdom, and uncovers a family secret that could save his family, and possibly reverse the curse Reign was under. If Jules doesn’t get himself killed first.


Jules Blaze, age sixteen, and heir of a Keeper, who suspects his family hides a forgotten secret. And hates the idea that he has to care for his four (yes, so many,) younger siblings. So uncool, as far as he’s concerned. Until.

The other Blaze siblings:

Ralston, thirteen years old and budding artist who can invent just about anything. If he can overcome his slowness!

Bitha, ten-year-old sister, with flowing jet black hair, and a caring personality, and definitely not keen on adventures.

Tst Tst, pronounced Sit Sit, and also known as Miss Big Words due to her profuse vocabulary which she uses freely unless her life is in danger, which is about almost all the time in Reign these days. She is eight.

Topee, three years old, lisps and nothing much escapes her sharp eyes. Much to Jules’s annoyance.

Erin and John Blaze, parents to the Blaze kids.


Miranda, daughter of Saul Turpentine, and closest neighbor of the Blazes. Also a subject of much interest for both Holden and Jules.

Holden Lacework and his mother, Jessie Lacework are also close neighbors of the Blazes.


The Handoverans hate the Elfies and have always blamed them for the curse. Hence the constant war between the two races.

The Evil Lord, Gehzurolle and his army of Scorpents. Their headquarters is in Euruliaf across the River, Brooke Beginning, in the Handover side of the territory.

Gehzurolle’s other agents of the nights.


Ancient Map of Reign

Prisoner of Reign, Book 2 of the Reign Fantasy

the golden key~


Jules Blaze can’t be happier, now that he’s found his family after all the trials and tribulations . Yet, he is still burdened by the task of looking for the crown. Daunted, he wonders how he can look for something lost and dashed to pieces hundreds of years ago, and feared gone for good. But, without the crown, his people, will never be able to reverse the curse upon them. They would forever remain an inch tall and subject to the evil of Gehzurolle, his army of Scorpents and agents of deceit. Worse, Jules is weighed by guilt over Saul, his friend Miranda’s grandfather, who died in the fire from which they barely escaped.

When he glimpses a figure that could pass off as the dead Saul, Jules wonders if he has seen a ghost. Investigating the situation leads him down a road of one peril after another. He first loses his friend, Miranda, to Sekt, Gehzurolle’s agent. Sekt is a mastermind of manipulation. Unbeknownst to Jules, Sekt wields a secret weapon that will destroy all Elfies before they can find a way to the Point. Will his subtle schemes finally drive the Elfie race to extinction, and Sekt win the favor of Gehzurolle, his master? Will Jules stay true to his calling and turn back on his friends as he seeks out the Crown?


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